Thursday, 17 June 2010


OH THEY SUCK, but we all have to do them, which is a shame. ICT exam on monday and i haven't spent as much time as i originally anticipated on revising 'the internet', but more time actually using the internet. "Facebook + Texting = Textbook... so technically, i'm revising" - I love facebook groups. Some of them are rather stupid to say the least, but others can put a smile on your face.

It's absolutely stupid that the school isn't letting us come to school in non-uniform on the day of our science modules!! who's idea was that?!?!?! i was expecting something like "you can wear non-uniform, just nothing with writing on it" and technically, that means that the whole of year 9 won't be contributing towards whatever charity collection there is going on, which i believe is actually an in-school thing. that's immediately £157 the school have lost out on.

The revision sucks too. I wish i could download all of the stuff i needed to know into my brain. Why can't apple invent that, instead of a giant iPod touch?!

Exams, exams, exams. My life couldn't get any better right now.

Saara x


  1. Crap, really? We have to go on the 28th in school uniform all day!? That's bullshit! (I should probably stop swearing so much on blogspot XD)

  2. I want a robot that downloads stuff to my brain. DAMN YOU APPLE + MICROSOFT